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Reducing Physical & Mental Stress to Reveal Your Best Self

Massage therapy is a wonderful way to improve your overall physical and mental well-being. It can help relieve pain and tension, as well as reduce physical and mental stress. At Pathway Wellness, we offer 5 types of massage therapy in Tallahassee, FL to provide the best option for your needs.

Choose From 5 Types of Massage

There are 5 main types of massages that we can provide. Depending on your pain and stress levels and the location of your tension, you can choose a specific type of massage to meet your needs. Relaxation, sports, myofascial release, Swedish, and deep tissue massages are all options available to you at Pathway Wellness. Keep reading to learn more about each option.


Relaxation massage is a gentle method of massage that is designed to reduce stress. This method increases blood circulation in the body, releases tension in the muscles, and uses light, gentle pressure to promote overall relaxation. Relaxation massage is a great option for people who need a relaxing, calming, restorative experience, rather than those who are injured, in pain, or experiencing discomfort. If you are dealing with work or life stress, a hard week, have been traveling a lot, or are wanting to improve your mental health and mood, you should try a relaxation massage!


Sports massage is a method massage that is aimed at alleviating pain, discomfort, and stress in people with active lifestyles. Whether you are a climber, hiker, runner, or whether you play soccer, basketball, football, or any other sport, sports massage can help you recover faster from tension and muscle pain and stiffness. Even if you are not injured or in pain, this type of massage can help reduce your risk of sports injury and help you perform better in your athletic activities.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial tissue is the thick tissue that exists between muscle connections and provides necessary support for your muscles. Myofascial tissue runs throughout the entire body between joints, muscles, and bones. It is essentially a protective multi-layer network of tissue around the body. The myofascial release technique involves the massage therapist feeling around your body for stiffness and tightness so they can identify damage to the myofascial tissue. This type of massage is not necessarily relaxing, as it can cause discomfort while the massage therapist is massaging out knots in your body, and although you may feel soreness or tenderness after the massage, this technique will improve your range of motion and reduce the stiffness and discomfort you are experiencing.


The Swedish massage is a very common type of massage that has numerous health benefits. It can help alleviate stress and tightness and improve overall wellbeing. Swedish massages can be very relaxing and are a great option for people of all ages and activity levels. The massage therapist can help improve blood flow and range of motion through massaging the knots out of your body. Your lymph nodes can become swollen or develop a buildup of lymphatic fluid, but this type of massage can help with lymphatic drainage. Swedish massages are even known to improve symptoms of depression and fatigue.

Deep Tissue

​Deep tissue massages allow the massage therapist to manipulate the muscles on the body through deep kneading. This massage is great for people who have injuries or strains from active lifestyles. While deep tissue massages can be relaxing, they are not gentle, so be aware that this massage goes deep into the soft tissue around your body. If you have musculoskeletal pain or discomfort, a deep tissue massage could be just what you need to improve the stiffness around your body through heavy pressure. The massage therapist will focus on the areas of your body that are the tensest, such as the shoulders, neck, and back.

Massage Has Enormous Health Benefits

Regardless of what type of massage you choose each and every method has a laundry list of major health benefits that will dramatically improve your health and wellbeing over time. From reducing pain, swelling, and stress, to increasing circulation, range of motion, and flexibility, to improving mental health, immune system, and energy, there are many ways that massage can benefit you. When you commit to receiving massages regularly, these benefits can make a huge impact on your life. Here are just some of the health benefits that come along with massages:

Important Things to Note About Pathway Wellness Massage

Pathway Wellness is a unique practice that offers a variety of health and wellness options. We are the only practice with a chiropractor and nurse practitioner in the same office as massage therapy in Tallahassee, FL. Because we are a unique practice, there are some things that you should know about working with us.

Combination Massage & Chiropractic Care

We offer chiropractic care and massage therapy either al a cart or as a package deal. As a holistic wellness practice, we believe that these services mutually benefit each other and produce greater health outcomes when paired together.

Ready to reveal your healthiest self? Call Pathway Wellness today.

When it comes to pursuing your health goals, you should choose Pathway Wellness to work with. We are the best choice for massage therapy in Tallahassee, FL because we help you choose the best type of massage for you, whereas other practices will force you to blindly choose a type of massage without understanding their purposes and benefits and will rush you in and out of the office. We treat each patient with care and will evaluate your progress and changes over time. Whether you are experiencing stress, pain, or tightness, we have a massage that will be right for you. If you are interested in trying out massage therapy, don’t hesitate!
Call (850) 386-8282 to schedule your free consultation for massage therapy in Tallahassee, FL. Whether you are just starting your wellness journey or looking to continue improving your health, Pathway Wellness can help you reach your healthiest self!
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