Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is a specific treatment plan designed to combat hormonal imbalances that occur as we age. Our customized hormone therapy plans are managed through our relationship with Midtown Medical and administered by Dr. Jeffrey Farrah, DC, APRN.

Our in-office treatments are not simply handed off to assistants; doctors are available. Your insurance will likely only cover a percentage of your plan, but we are happy to assist in billing your provider.

Aging, Menopause, and HRT

Studies have shown that balanced hormones are necessary for both good health and disease prevention. As we age, a number of factors cause hormones to be thrown out of balance.

These hormone imbalances can cause a multitude of issues, including:

  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Depression
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Constant fatigue.

Pathway Wellness’ hormone therapy plans are designed to re-balance your body’s natural hormone levels, resulting in a healthier, happier you. 

We offer several types of hormone therapy, including pills and injections, but our bio-identical hormone pellet therapy is the preferred method among patients.

A Plethora of Benefits

Your hormone levels fall out of balance as you age. Hormone replacement therapy can rejuvenate the body by replacing the hormones that are missing or out of balance, which can occur from a number of conditions.

Andropause and menopause are prime examples. HRT has been shown to relieve hot flashes and night sweats, low libido, muscle loss, erectile dysfunction, and can even improve the quality of sleep.

Also, HRT may help to prevent fractures that are caused by osteoporosis, or the thinning of bones over time, as well as lower your risk of heart disease and dementia. 

HRT comes with a plethora of benefits, and many patients enjoy substantial relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of aging.

How does hormone replacement therapy work?

Our doctors will work with you to get a comprehensive review of your symptoms, medical history, and samples for laboratory testing. We will determine exactly what hormonal, vitamin, or lab values are not optimized. 

In return, we will develop a plan for you including hormone replacement options, ongoing evaluations, the highest-quality supplements, nutrition plans, and more.

People With Certain Conditions Should Not Receive HRT

Hormone Replacement Therapy can bring many positive benefits, but it is not a good fit for everyone. If you suffer from blood clots, certain, heart disease, liver disease, gallbladder disease, heart attacks, or strokes, you should consult with a doctor before undergoing HRT, as the changes in your hormones could cause further complications with your condition. 

You should also not undergo HRT if you are pregnant or think you could be pregnant. The best way to find out if HRT is right for you is to discuss it with your doctor. A doctor can help you make the decision based on your health and your family health history.

For instance, if your mother had osteoporosis, HRT could be a good fit for you because it could help reduce your risk. Alternatively, if your mother had breast cancer, HRT might not be recommended for you. 

Ask your doctor whether HRT could be right for you. If you would like more information, we can also assist in determining if you could be a candidate for HRT.

Cost of Treatment

Pathway Wellness is offering hormone therapy through private pay only. This allows us to follow science-based, client-focused treatment guidelines rather than insurance protocol.

Current pricing is as follows:

  • Initial consult screening with Dr. Jeffrey Farrah, DC, APRN & interpretation of lab results with treatment recommendation – $175.

Improve Health & Prevent Disease with Pathway Wellness

At Pathway Wellness, we believe in providing treatment that will make you feel the best you can. 

Hormone replacement therapy in Tallahassee can help you rebalance your natural hormones so you can feel like yourself again. However, HRT is just one of many ways that Pathway Wellness can improve your health. 

Dr. Jeffrey Farrah is both a licensed chiropractor and a nurse practitioner, which makes him uniquely skilled and experienced in whole-body wellness. Explore our other services, including chiropractic care, massage therapy, vitamin IV therapy, and platelet-rich plasma therapy

If you have not been feeling your best, or if you have been feeling good but want to take care of your health for the future, reach out to us at Pathway Wellness. We are the only clinic in Tallahassee with a licensed chiropractor and nurse practitioner.

Our brilliant and caring staff is prepared to give you the best treatments available, and we look forward to working with you on your pathway to wellness!

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