Pathway Wellness specializes in quality chiropractic care, massage therapy, and pain management for auto injury recovery

Being involved in a car crash can lead to serious accident injuries that require emergency treatment. After you have been released from the hospital or given a treatment plan by a doctor, you will need ongoing pain management for your auto injuries. Chiropractic care provides pain relief while helping you improve your mobility.
You should seek out chiropractic care if you were recently in an auto accident and are experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Tingling, burning sensations, or numbness in your extremities or body
  • Headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Muscle weakness
  • Limited range of motion
  • You lose balance when you walk
  • You feel twisted or like something is “off” in your back
  • Pinching sensations in your neck, shoulders, or back
  • Your auto injuries are painful, and the injury site is warm to the touch

Auto Injury Recovery at Pathway Wellness | Tallahassee, FL.

A skilled and experienced auto accident chiropractor can realign your musculoskeletal system.
Chiropractic care experts help victims of car accidents manage neck pain, lower back pain, and joint stiffness oftentimes without the use of pain medication. Rather, they combine rehabilitative exercises, chiropractic adjustments, and massage therapy to aid patients in their recovery.

Auto Accidents by Pathway Wellness in Tallahassee FL

Pathway Wellness offers chiropractic care, massage therapy, auto-injury treatment plans, spinal decompression, and pain relief, Tallahassee, FL. Call 8503868282 to book an appointment now.

Why is it important to see a chiropractor after a car accident?

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident should seek emergency treatment to be assessed for serious injuries. You should seek medical treatment within 24 hours of an automobile accident. A doctor should rule out a serious auto injury that requires surgery or antibiotics. After your immediate injuries have been treated, you should talk to a chiropractor about your ongoing recovery.
Contact Pathway Wellness for your chiropractic care and pain management after a car accident injury. The sooner you get medical care for your auto accident injury, the better it will be for your health.

How Can Our Chiropractor Help with an Auto Accident Injury?

Being in a car accident is physically and emotionally traumatic. Healing with the guidance of a trained professional can help you recover your strength and reduce your stress. A chiropractor can help you achieve your long-term health goals after an automobile accident.
We build a personalized chiropractic treatment plan with each of our patients to treat their pain and auto accident injury. Pathway Wellness has helped many patients in Tallahassee, FL achieve drug-free relief from lower back pain and pain from whiplash. Book now by calling us at 8503868282

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