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Dry needling is a specialized technique designed to alleviate myofascial pain, a type of discomfort that arises from the muscles and the connective tissues surrounding them. This method is particularly effective in addressing trigger points, or “knots,” that develop due to muscle injuries or repetitive strain. These knots are notorious for causing pain and tightness, often leading to referred pain, which is felt in an area different from where the pain originates. By inserting fine acupuncture needles directly into these trigger points, dry needling aims to release or inactivate them, thereby providing relief from pain and enhancing the range of motion.

For individuals in Tallahassee, FL, seeking relief from myofascial pain, Pathway Wellness offers expert dry needling services. This therapy is suitable for anyone experiencing discomfort, tightness, or limited mobility due to muscle strain or injuries. Patients can typically expect to see improvements shortly after treatment, with the duration of results varying based on the individual’s condition and response to therapy. To experience the benefits of dry needling and improve your quality of life, we encourage you to book an appointment with Pathway Wellness today.

Dry Needling by Pathway Wellness in Tallahassee FL

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Benefits of Dry Needling


Dry needling is a therapy that involves inserting thin needles into muscle knots or trigger points to relieve pain and improve mobility.
It works by targeting trigger points with acupuncture needles, which helps release the knot and alleviate pain or improve range of motion.
Dry needling can treat various areas affected by myofascial pain, including the back, neck, shoulders, legs, and arms.
This treatment is suitable for individuals experiencing myofascial pain, muscle tightness, or restricted mobility due to muscle injuries or repetitive strain.
Improvements are often noticed shortly after treatment, but the number of sessions required can vary based on the individual’s condition.
The duration of the results varies among individuals and depends on the underlying condition being treated and the patient’s overall response to therapy.

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